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“Vibrant Thoughts to Live”

Presented here are seven entries to be used as tools to assist you on your path of Spiritual Growth. All Bible quotations are taken from the Lamsa translation, Copywriter 1933. You are invited and encouraged to use your God given power of discernment both with regard to the scripture and the reflection by Doctor Grace.

Special Thought:

Love, and do what you like. – SAINT AUGUSTINE

We know it is almost Spring when Daylight Savings began today. Ready or not. Continuing on with the thoughts we shared last week...How did it feel turning and tuning into the Loving guidance and claiming your oneness with the Divine and all life? Did you experience less fear as you walked among the stress, problems and fear that is ever present? We humbly trust the answer to both queries is, yes.

Last week the key word was 'trust' and this week it is 'seek'. Both of these actions are done in the Silence of our individual hearts. The results of these actions are made evident with the out picturing in our life. But we wish to encourage everyone, these are limitless and sometimes unexpected results. We create vibrations and they produce evidence within all life inside and outside our immediate sphere.

We can and do affect others. The question is how? This expanse of influence and instrument of change happens within the life of everyone on earth, whether they are aware of it or not. Another words You/We have it within our reach to change the world. Love the world into peace, joy and abundance of all things within the Light.

We know those virtues are present in the Kingdom or Divine connection with God, The One, The Divine or by what ever name. Give these vibrations out and to self, without judgment or putting a name or location limitation on them. The first step is to Seek with Trust.

Have a blessed & busy week, Dr. Grace

Learning to love in the way Saint Augustine is talking about is the most demanding, the most delightful, and the most daring of disciplines. It does not mean loving only two or three members of your family. It does not mean loving only those who share your views, read the same newspapers, or play the same sports. Love, as Jesus puts it, means blessing those that curse you, doing good to those that harm you.

From Easwaran, Thoughts to Live By


Scripture: “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added you.”

Matthew 6:33 (Lamsa)


Monday: I take this moment NOW to go within to the Kingdom of God.


Tuesday: God is; I am. God’s Presence enlightens me in all things.


Wednesday: My choice is to enter the Kingdom and let the light of God fill me with each breath.


Thursday: I am filled with joy in the divine guidance I receive and the at-one-ment with God.


Friday: “Seek and you shall find.” I seek for Righteousness, Peace, Love and Truth.


Saturday: My first step as I live my path and with each journey along that path is toward God.


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Doctor Grace Lee Bonnell

Sunday, 1-March-2015