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John 13:34 (Lamsa)

Scripture: “A new commandment I give you, that you love one another; ….”

John 13:34 (Lamsa)


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We stand on the threshold that is unique in that these next 364 days have not been tried or lived by anyone. We have 364 days in which we are being offered unique opportunities and possibilities, far exceeding our expectations.

The explore and understanding what is available to us is tremendous, exciting and greater than ever before. This is not experimental, but has a foundation that has been proven over and over again and was developed and demonstrated when God created the earth. Creation is part of our horizon. The foundation is Love and we have moved into that which is the Eternal NOW, Life in the Light of Love.

As we move forward we have a unique opportunity to expand the creative power of Love by filling our actions with Love, our thoughts with Love and our words with Love NOW. There is great evidence that points us in this direction and assures that this is the only way we shall overcome the mountains of misuse piled around us for centuries.

It is interesting to note that Jesus the Christ spoke so many of His statements in the present tense. “The Word was in the beginning, and that very Word was with God and God was that Word. …..But those who received him, to them he gave power to become sons of God.” John 1:1 & 12

This writing is attributed to the writing of John. Then sixty years later, in 1 John 3:2, it is the same writer, and read these same words: “NOW are we the sons of God.” Apparently it took John sixty years to fully grasp the tremendous opportunity and take it into his consciousness fully and to know that he knew he was the son of God. Perhaps we too have taken considerable time, but be assured, that NOW is the time. This is the Eternal NOW.

Every event in history has been and will be accomplished in the NOW. No-thing will ever be done at any other time. NOW is the Eternal NOW. Without the Eternal NOW, how hopeless we would be.

Sometimes we resist and cry out in disparity when in our life we are called to make a decision. We may wonder why all the turmoil and all the difficulty and all the trials seem to come upon us, and we can hardly raise ourselves above the great weight. Possibly most of that weight is procrastination. We have put off making a decision, and the Eternal NOW requires more effort on our part as layers of complications pile up because of our procrastination.

Yesterday is forever gone and tomorrow is never here. We've all heard that. Hear it now with more understanding and clarity in your heart and mind.

Without the Eternal NOW, can we conceive the helplessness of humanity? Life could not exist, were it not for the Eternal NOW and yet we sometimes act as if we will always have the same opportunities; We won’t. To be sure we shall have opportunities, but they will change; perhaps gathering layers of debris that create crises through our procrastination. As an old Proverb says; “Better late than never.”

“…choose you this day who you will serve.” Shall we respond to the Eternal NOW as children of God and serve Love or something else; such as serving fear and the like?

God is Spirit: and those that worship/serve him must worship/serve him in Spirit and in Truth. God is Love and that Love is Eternal and ever present in the NOW. When we make the Statement of Being, “God is: I AM” it is not future; it is not past; it is NOW. What a tremendous power this NOW carries with it for each one. We never need to wait for God; God is NOW. When we pray, God always answers.

Perhaps we haven’t put into our practice of taking the time, in the silence, to recognize the answer. But the answer is always there and available. Let us listen with great expectations NOW.

There are those who hide behind an affirmation of “In God’s Time.” Or it will come to pass in God’s Time. NOW is God’s time. It is misunderstanding and not consistent with the teaching of Jesus the Christ to hide from the Love and Truth. Neither is it consistent with the Plan of Salvation or the great Divine Plan that brought this world into expression to procrastinate or put off.

There is no procrastination with God. NOW is God’s time. As we move forward into this New Year we have the opportunity of realization, complete with the Joy and beauty that is included in the Eternal NOW.

Let us take the lesson from the great and only commandment given by Jesus the Christ, all in the present tense: “Love one another…” The commandment is for us to learn and use NOW for “Behold, NOW is the accepted time.”

This is a New Year, a new opportunity, 364 days in which to actualize our mentality of the Real-All-ity of these things, the possibility of tremendous Abundance of the Truth that radiates; vital dynamic health, higher understanding and life in Peace of Mind. Know the Consciousness that “With God all things are possible.” And the all encompassing, penetrating power of loving thought energy, loving actions and words overflowing with goodness/Godliness.

As always we express our own personal thanks for the blessing of sharing and learning. It is with the deepest honor that we share these thoughts and we send them with Love.

In closing; the old English version of the Chirothesian Prayer: We hope you find the Luminosity within these words, which will be useful in the Eternal NOW we are entering.

Lord Jesus, take each of us by the hand
And lead us gently up the little Path,
Through the narrow Gate,
Through the Holy of Holies,
Into the Kingdom of God, where all Righteousness abounds.

Her we and each of us are one with the Father.
And we thank Thee, Father, that Thou hast heard us;
Thou always hearest us.

And we thank Thee, Lord Jesus, for leading us
Into the Way of Truth, the Truth that frees,
The perfect Love which casteth out fear,
The Peace which passeth all Understanding,
And the Way of Eternal Life. Amen

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Sunday, 28-December-2014