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In approaching the subject of the Chirothesian Church of Faith let us first consider the word 'church.' In one of the languages preceding the Greek we find the word 'church' indicated by a character similar to a capital “C” in our own alphabet, with a dot in the center, thus: “chi”. The complete character was pronounced “Chi”, indicating a place where the Law of God was disseminated, described as “an elevated place, composed of stone or earth.” Later the same place was called “Grove” in the Greek language. The place of dissemination was in a state of evolvement and later became a cave, then a structure of some sort. As the place of dissemination became an enclosure, the original symbol became a complete circle with a dot in the center, "grove" not unlike the symbol for the Creator God; this similarity is understandable, since God and the Law of God are indivisible.

Thus we find that the original word meaning the place where the Law of God was taught, translated into English was “Church”. The place and the group of persons in attendance soon became inseparable, and the word “church” began to mean the people and the structure where the Law of God was taught to the students or followers of the teaching. In pursuing history further we find that the place where the Law of Brahma was taught became known as a “Temple”. The Law of Moses was soon interjected, and the place where it was taught became a “Synagogue”. Translations have varied this pattern very little; the Law of God is still taught in churches, the Law of Moses is still taught in synagogues, and the Law of Brahma is still taught in temples. The word “Church”, however, has become a general word covering both the synagogue and temple in our modern world, until now “Church” may be used to designate the meeting place of any religionist, regardless of the type of teaching or its origin.

The principle of Chirothesia fits unerringly into this picture, for the bases of Chirothesia are emphatically the Law of God and its relationship to man, together with the understanding and application thereof. Thus we find Chirothesia to be a natural religion, entirely within the structure of the Law of God, accepting the teaching in its original form.

Dr. D.J. Bussell

The Chirothesian Church of Faith, Inc. was incorporated in the state of California by founder W. Grant Hess and D.J. Bussell, August 2, 1917. The purpose of the organization being, To follow the teachings and practices of the Christ, Jesus, as set forth and chronicled in the New Testament of the King James and Lamsa version of the Holy Bible.

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