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Greetings and glad tidings ~

Here's a quick update on our world wide wave of Gratitude:

As of September 26th, 2006 we have 164,169 hearts participating in our experiment from over 142 countries.


This is truly an awakening to the power, promise and presence of Gratitude!

As our family of Gratitude continues to grow, serendipitous meetings and greetings are occurring - hearts and minds worldwide are opening, recognizing one another through resonance, essence, and the presence of our symbol of Gratitude.

While our symbol is present in all creation, we've also designed a number of physical ways to experience, enjoy and express Gratitude, one being our powerfully connective line of silver jewelry, Wear Gratitude. We've been receiving rave reviews and thank-you's, including this one recently shared by a member of our family of Gratitude:

“I was walking on the beach with my sister-in-law and all of a sudden, she stopped and said, is that a Go Gratitude necklace? Neither of us knew that the other one had participated in the program … I feel that this is a way to identify and connect with other people embracing Gratitude. We awaken at another level as we find each other in person!

Lots of Love and Gratitude,


Imagine being able to instantly recognize and connect with others, too, who are surfing our world wide waves of Gratitude!

Inspired by this serendipitous event, Wear Gratitude is now making it easier to share and wear your Gratitude, too.

Simply purchase any three pieces of jewelry and receive a Go pendant for F.R.E.E.

To purchase, go here:

Once there, you'll be delighted to find three unique pieces, each passionately designed to be universally connective -both for you and others, too!

Crafted from Silver, the best known reflector of visible light, these elegant, yet simple pieces shine with style, mystique, and cosmic energy.

Remember, for now, by ordering three you'll receive a pendant f.r.e.e!

Click below to wear your Gratitude:

For those of you who enjoy a purely energetic connection to Gratitude, I'm sharing a powerfully healing meditation practice below, called Adorn Yourself in Love and Gratitude.

This was inspired by Ken, my sweetheart and co-conspirator, nearly a year ago. Perhaps you'll enjoy it as much as we have!

Many blessings.

In Love and Gratitude,

Stacey Robyn
and the ground crew of Go Gratitude

P.S. Kathy Chism, vision-eer of Dream One World,, friend and fellow wordsmith writes to say: “By the way, did you realize, “Wear Gratitude” is “We ar(e) Gratitude?!”

Thanks, Kathy, for sharing this (k)new view - yes! “We ar(e) Gratitude! “

P.P.S As promised, a powerfully healing mediation -

Adorn yourself with Love and Gratitude

* Image by Morgen Bell

Imagine standing before an energetic image of you. Now look and you will see necklaces of many colors and lengths adorning you. Each necklace is associated with a particular emotion ~ happy, sad, invigorated, distrustful, angry, surprised…the list goes on and on. Some are longer than others, for each emotion has graced a larger, or smaller, part of your days.

Now look closely at the necklaces and choose one strand. What emotion is it? Is this an emotion that uplifts and supports you? Yes? Wonderful! This one is a keeper for sure. If not, let's begin to remove the necklace.

Go with Gratitude into your heart-mind and locate the first memory associated with this particular emotion. This is the first bead on the strand. Each subsequent experience added another bead, bringing you to the current length and strength of this particular strand.

Now, as you bring this memory into the forefront of your current awareness, allow yourself to fully experience this emotion again - this time with Love and Gratitude.

One method that helps is to close the eyes and move them right to left, back and forth, over and over as you “replay” the memory before your eyes. As you recall all the details of this experience-the sights, sounds, textures, temperatures, tastes, etc., re-member you are re-sieving them through your mind/heart as it is today.

Since the initial experience you have grown and refined your awareness, while also being connected to our world wide wave of Gratitude. So by re-viewing these experiences Now, you are able to rearrange the context, meaning, and value of the experience.

As you replay this memory, allow yourself to wisely release any dis-empowering connections, feeling Gratitude for the experience and what it has gifted you. As Gratitude fills your heart-mind watch as the first bead is released, all others following suit, to free you of this emotional burden.

Now look again. Is there another strand you are willing to let go of?

As so, follow through the process again, releasing another heavy, unnecessary strand, each time giving thanks for its unique gift of wisdom. Continue this process until all that remains are emotional strands that uplift, fulfill, empower, and motivate you!

This process can be used in a number of ways. Perhaps you will choose to set aside some time, deliberately calling forth these memories in order to release them. You may also choose to use this technique as each emotion surfaces, in real time, wisely using Love and Gratitude to appreciate each unfolding experience. Alternately, the end of the day may be best for you. Simply dedicate some space to re-dress the days emotions, using this process to heal and re-(k)new your self.

Consider this: Prior to birth, certain experiences were set up in order to strengthen and remember our Divinity, power, and potential within. Using this method will allow maximum benefit to be gained from life experiences, and at the end of each day…we will be wisely adorned in power and glory, by heartfully choosing to wear our Love and Gratitude.

Now that you've released old, outdated strands of beads you've got room for something (k)new… consider adding an elegant silver piece from WearGratitude ~

*share freely* love passionately *Go Gratitude*

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