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Doctor Grace Lee Bonnell has been an Ordained Minister with the Chirothesian Church of Faith since 1990. She was raised in the church with Dr. D.J. Bussell. Her Great Aunt was a Practitioner and Minister before her and her Mother also studied the ministry with the National Academy of Metaphysics, the educational arm of the Chirothesian Church of Faith. Doctor Grace's background also includes extensive and continuing self study on Comparative World Religions. She has recently been accepted and honored as Doctor of Divinity with Chirothesia A Way of Life Board of Directors and Dr. Beverly J. Gaard.

Personally, Doctor Grace has one adult daughter, three Grandchildren and nine Great Grandchildren, all of whom she is very proud. She has a keen, varied, and wide interests in many areas.

She continues her work as Minister and being of God's service under her affiliation with Chirothesia A Way of Life. She is a writer so writes each Wedding, Christening or Memorial individually, building a memorable keepsake for each occasion. She considers her approach “New Light on Ancient Truth” as being Spiritual not Religious but inclusive to all Faith or Non-Faith Thought much as Dr. Bussell's and Dr. Hess' initial vision in 1917.

Also, for over thirty years she was, a Holistic Practitioner and still offers Life Style Consultation and Practitioner Treatments, where she includes a combination of modalities in which she has received Certification. She currently makes Port Orford, OR her home, which is a charming Southern Coastal town - Where the forest meets the sea - here she is also the Inn Keeper of a historic vacation home. The Joan of Arc

“Have Podium - Will Travel”

Doctor Grace is available for Guest Speaking, Weddings, Christenings, Memorials, and Home/Business Blessings. Each service is written just for that occassion. You pick your Dream Location. To contact Doctor Grace for questions or appointment, 541-332-0516, through E-Mail at

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