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by Dr. D.J. Bussell
adaptations by Doctor Grace

from one of the Original Vibrant Thought Booklets by Dr. D.J. Bussell, D.D.
(The Importance of Our Vibrant Thought suggestions each week.)

The science of thought direction is a department of life which is so thoroughly neglected that we feel it our duty to preface this work with a short outline of suggested procedure.

The thought of man, too, is designed to produce its kind. Perhaps ones experience however, have not seemly been in keeping with this original Law. One might say that, in reality this has not been the experience expected. However, this does not make the law any less powerful. Further study into the way thought pattern works is indicated.

In all the educational preparation in the world today, we probably could find no subject so little touched upon as the subject of life, in the sense of living to the highest possible degree to which one can attain in any specific round of body, and since man is what he thinks, and can be nothing more nor less than the sum total of that which dwells within his consciousness, it appears that the need for more definite though direct is one of the greatest needs of mankind on his road to the realization of plenitude. If it were possible in these rapidly changing times with the residual heights or depths to which man's thoughts may incline,demands a closer scrutiny of the path we tread than at any previous time in history of civilization, with a long range view of the ultimate destination, at least to some degree determined in advance.

Since man throughout the ages has consistently become the product of his thought, we have but to pause briefly to ascertain what the general effect of man's thinking has been, for without any double every generation is in some way, an improvement over the last succeeding generation, although we must admit that the things in which man has improved are not always of an edifying nature, for they have not increased his understanding of how to think in a manner that will make him independent of his original environment or social strata, and since man has been taught by the greatest teacher of all time, “Veryily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do:” And then the great teacher proceeds to teach his pupils how to think in order to bring this lesson into practical life expression. And since we mortals can do nothing of which we are unacquainted, we much understand what to do that we may perform the demonstration.

Here we must introduce thought direction, and since it has been the accepted method in every other way of life, why not apply it to the most important part of life, LIVING.

The thoughts contained in this little booklet are designed for one year study, one thought for each day, which if thoroughly pursued will in some degree change the life of anyone who will give time and thought to the progressive study based upon the best accepted principle of truth, as relates to that which if real, there are no false by-paths of denial which will need overcoming later, but each thought stands alone, as a letter stands alone in a word, complete within itself, and collectively they form a very definite pattern which in principal and in truth will air greatly in the pursuit of the more abundant life. Here the well recognized rule of teaching must be emphasized, “we learn to do things well by doing them.” Thus a concentrated though in the same general direct impressed upon the consciousness each day must bring forther uplifting trends which are bound to show forth in a more constructive Way of Life.

Probably the best method of procedure is to first read the paragraph for the day carefully and thoughtfully, do not allow mental arguments or disagreements to arise, the text is not always perfect, but each one is safe to file away in your mental work shop. After making a mental picture of the complete thought, try to fit it in to your usual mental picture, if they fit perfectly try to use that thought many time during the next few days, but if you find the newly acquired thought to be a misfit in your life, decide which thought you care to retain, the new one or the old, and cast the undesirable one from you, for two thought which are adverse to each other, however good, can not remain in the same mentality without causing confusion. This do consistently for one month, and you may be surprised to find that instead of allowing your daily problems to fill your mental life with disappointing results, you're meeting each problem with a fresh clear cut analysis, which instantly harmonizes the whole situation as soon as it come to your attention, and your review will probably indicate any other point of change, wherein you see your life, the result of your constructive thinking, for remember we said, “you are what you think,” and if your thoughts have been undirected and contradictory, confusion is sure to be the result, but if your thoughts have consistently been co-related and constructively harmonized your life should follow more harmonious channels and progress in your chosen field more easy.

By way illustration we will choose the thought for Sunday on page 12, “Today I will direct all my understanding into paths of patience.” Now patience is one of the necessary attributes to all manner of success in life, and this attribute is so little cultivated it becomes a great hindering cause in many lives. If we turn the light of understanding upon everything that comes into the sphere of our consciousness each day, and then modify the result by applying a goodly amount of patience, we will find the experiment interesting, constructive and enlightening. Perhaps some one does not perform an act, at the time or in the manner you would have it done, you respond with impatience, but there must have been some good and sufficient reason for this action, for first remember that everyone does the best they can at the time they perform any act. The reason may not seem sufficient to you, but it does to them, and you are trying to apply understanding to their act, and not your own, the whole crux of the matter rests upon coordinated thinking, and if the doer has more confusion than co-ordination he is sure to have an undependable measurement of values, all of which may be very irritating unless you direct your understanding into ways of patience, for you will find this method both positive and constructive and if pursued will save a great deal of nervous energy, the net result will be a great lesson of progressive living, for bear in mind, each lesson learned and put into daily practice, needs no re-learning, but it is the lessons which we do not learn, or the ones learned and then never put into practice, which continually confront us on life's pathway.

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